Saturday, May 21, 2011


hello bloggers. hows your day ? hope in the pink of health. full of fun . cheers like a rainbow. joy like a child.hye. hows my new design ? hah. just make it simple. as simple as i could. everything was new . the song too. HAHA. A LITTLE LOVE. always hear this song,but i dont know the title..and the chat box was be hidden at the side :)  so. thanks to my sis. mya myra. hehe. thanks for the updated design and introduce this new song. I am really like it and enjoy watching this new design. ok. school holidays, when you want to come to me ? aaaaaarrh. . cant wait anymore. as shaziq said just now
semingggu ibarat sebulan
sebulan ibarat setahun
setahun ibarat sedekad.
sedekad ibarat sealaf
sealaf ibarat seabad.
hah. what ever la shaziq. but the most thing. you are always in my mind k my lovelvy best friend. HAHA. just for a week. relax. dont stress. okeh. what ever. =.=

actually i dont know what to do. haha ! reading ? SEJARAH.k fine. nothing . im not really ready . not really make a PERFECT preparation. how could you Dila? such a LAZY SATURDAY that gave me a VIRUS that we can called as MIM alip LAS las, MALAS. haha. whats the point ? err. growing elder always make me feel lazy . who could be like this.? im try reading , but finally =.= SLEPT. errhh. k need BISMILLAH before reading. SETAN always around us. 

hah. what time is it ? 
haha. nonsense. whats going on with me?
hey hey guys. what you love to do on your weekends?

if i...

1)love to wake up at 6 am. haha. i think thats was too late k ? coz before this i will wake up at 4am. something like that. =.= then, i will get fresh air from outside. love it,

2)online-ing. errh. im try stop from online-ing. but i CANT ! dont know -online is always part of my life. erh. n know. i have DEACTIVATED my account. hehe. i think thats the best way. hope so. :). but this was just a temperory. how can i DELETE my account FB hehe.

3)call-ing. with. HANIS. my GFF forever. ngee~~ we always call for 30 minutes ! haha. really crazy. our home really near by. but two of us prefer call-ing from meet-ing . best what ! we start GOSSIPP-ING. GOSSIP GIRLS. 

4)prefer to clean home. HOME SWEET HOME. from kitchen, dining room and so on.

5) reading ? HAHA. depends on. sometimes i really love study-ing 24 hours. but sometimes... =.= k . hope alls know.

6)and the most thing. i will continue making my new novel ? novel ? is it novel or just like a story ? herm dont know. hehe. wanna to know the NOVEL @ STORY ? k the title = DIARY of -------- heheh. cant tell eveyone. but im still in progressing n dont know. am i need to tranaslate in English...or just in malay version. *eeeuuwww. my english was soo bad. :( . as i am trying to improve my English language n grammar now ! HEHE.


hey guys. make your life full of laugh , smile , fun , enjoy , dont stress, make it simple , not to complicated , shine your day with good values


miss u.

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