Friday, February 4, 2011

try to smile

hoho. hello readers. okeh. back to normal emotion now. *cewah*
starting to smile 
starting to laugh
starting to joy myself

ouh yea..
nothing to do last day. soo
i have done some pictures. combination of my pictures and old school style.

oke what ever . but im sure. that . this was a really bad n weird pic that i have been snap

life must go on. yeah. be strong diella. just forget it. such much more thing that u SHOULD more to do. 


reaching form 4 is quiet give me a really really big heavy problems. i know that i need to full fill all my time with my lovely dovely books. but. sometimes i also have a really lazy day. yoo. what i suporse to do ? its sound easy right ? but a really really difficult to do it. ohmaigosh. how could i being a perfectionist *aww*.. 
so. let go trough to the MAIN topic. ABOUT TUITION CLASS.yea. stop making long intro.

okeh actually i really wanna having class tuition. i ask my mum about this . but mum said that " I know u can do by yourself, just BEWARE with your time manage properly dear"
haih. your answer really made me down .. XDD. i just wanna attending tuition for physics,kimia. and BIOLGY. but the total is RM 135 per month. "mum said , she dont mind how much ,but haih.. i fell that its TOO MUCHHH know !! XDD

okeh. that 3 subjects are really ===== erkk. mybe only me know that. and know. i will forget all about boarding school that really broken my heart XDDD

yaww~~ today is FRIDAY. hik hik. only 2 days for me having HONEYMOONS. *wah XDD* im sure after having a long holidays, i will have a fresh mind for a fresh subject ??? erk= what im said just now ? haih.. what ever . 

okeh. i dont know why ? WHY I CANT STOPPING FROM TYPING ?? LAWLLS.. XDD
yea.. addicted ..huhu

okeh. now. stop it diella. stop typing.

lastly. i just wanna to tell. 

waiting for my new jurnal okeh ??!!

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