Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Actually this poem is quit interesting. and i really loved this poem.
here i wrote the synopsys to share to all my friends. as we can refer this synopsys to much more know about this poem.maybe im just wrote it in simple . but i think that was quit good. SHARING IS CARING RIGHT?

okeh..let we start

The poem is about ordinary family or we can also called villagers who live in adversity. They were born in poverty and grew up in poverty. Life has not changed for more better. They still live and struggle in a harsh environment, and even lose their possesion (ALBINO BUFFALO) yet they bear this without complaint, dejection, or self-pity. They do what they have to do, for example, when a buffalo is lost, they look for it(TRY FIND IT). But has not find. Even though.they never feel sad. they try to entertaint themselves with making joke sand rolling their cigarettes leaves.

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